Manage Your Legal Issue Without a Lawyer?

Do you have a legal problem and wonder whether you could handle it yourself without hiring a lawyer?

There aren't enough free legal services in New Mexico to help everyone who needs help. But you might be able to manage your legal problem without a lawyer.

New Mexico’s legal services programs have created a "Can I Do It Myself" interview tool to help you think about whether you could handle your legal problem without a lawyer.

The "Can I Do It Myself" interview is geared towards Landlord-Tenant situations, but is not going to teach you about Landlord-Tenant law. There is a separate website with information about Landlord-Tenant law.

The interview helps you think about issues like:

  • would you be able to get to court on time,
  • are you willing to read information about the legal issues involved,
  • how you manage your time,
  • how well you can read legal paperwork,
  • how well you manage stressful situations

The interview might take about 20 minutes. It will ask about things like:

  • How far you got in school,
  • How much you use the internet,
  • How comfortable you are using the English language.
  • Why we ask questions like this … The questions and your answers may point to useful skills that will help you with your legal issue or highlight things that could come up if your problem got to court

At the end of the interview, you will be able to save and print out a summary sheet to help you with your next steps.

We hope you will give this interview a try. We also hope you will give us feedback so we can improve the questions and make the interview useful.  All comments and suggestions welcome. You can send your thoughts and comments by email to the project at nmformstesting (at)


Use of this service does not guarantee that Law Access New Mexico, New Mexico Legal Aid or any other legal services program will be able to accept your case or help you directly. It also does not establish an attorney-client relationship with any attorney working for a New Mexico legal services program.

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Get legal information about Landlord-Tenant law.


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