Executive Director, Equal Access to Justice, Inc. (“EAJ”)

REPORTS TO:          EAJ Board of Directors

TYPE OF JOB:          Part-time (30 hrs weekly)

ORGANIZATION OVERVIEW                    

EAJ is a not-for-profit organization serving as a significant source of unrestricted revenue for New Mexico Legal Aid, the New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty, DNA People’s Legal Services and Law Access New Mexico.  These are the four civil legal aid providers serving the largest area of the state and offering the greatest variety of legal help to the most people in New Mexico.  EAJ raises funds primarily from members of the State Bar of New Mexico.


            The position requires past experience in non-profit leadership or C-level management and the demonstrated ability to raise $500,000+ annually.  This position further requires a person who is passionate about the need for equal access to justice in New Mexico, and who has the ability to communicate that passion to our funding community.

The Executive Director manages EAJ’s annual campaign and other fundraising efforts, including special events.  Further, the Executive Director raises and promotes EAJ’s profile in New Mexico and communicates with the public and our supporters about the need for equal access to justice in our community.  The Executive Director facilitates EAJ’s fundraising and public awareness goals by working with the Board of Directors and with the members of the New Mexico legal community and staff at the State Bar of New Mexico, as appropriate.  EAJ’s annual fundraising goal is $500,000.00.


  1. Two years or more experience in non-profit management.
  2. Demonstrated experience in organizing and leading an annual direct-solicitation fundraising campaign exceeding $500,000.
  3. Demonstrated strong written and verbal communications skills, including demonstrated ability to clearly articulate organizational goals and purpose.
  4. Strong organizational skills, including demonstrable broad experience and proficiency with fundraising and organizational technology, including Google Docs, Office, Quickbooks, donor management software, and social media.
  5. Demonstrated community outreach and building skills.
  6. Demonstrated ability to organize, inform, and build the Board of Directors.



            The Executive Director of EAJ will be responsible for:

  1. Fundraising:
    1. Organizing and leading an annual campaign of direct solicitation.
    2. Identifying new donors, cultivating existing donors and soliciting gifts from individual attorneys, law firms and other law-related entities.
    3. Developing new ways to recognize and steward donors to strengthen their commitment and ensure their continued and increased giving.
    4. Diversifying funding sources by researching, evaluating, and pursuing untapped resources that do not compete with giving to the individual member organizations.
    5. Preparing fundraising materials, letters, marketing materials, etc.
    6. Recruiting and coordinating volunteers, including the Board of Directors, to participate in the campaign and make personal solicitations.
    7. Managing the administrative aspects of fundraising, including the processing of gifts, acknowledging donors, and maintaining donor information and appropriate records.
    8. Planning, organizing, and producing special events.
    9. Other duties as required.


  1. Administration, Executive Leadership, and Community Outreach:
    1. In consultation with the EAJ Board, developing and implementing an annual plan to strengthen and build the organization and its fundraising capacity.
    2. Managing the organization’s finances, daily operations and business matters.
    3. Managing Board recruitment, cultivation, involvement in fundraising, communications, meetings and leadership.
    4. Organizing and facilitating regular meetings of the Board.
    5. Engaging with the legal community in New Mexico, the State Bar of New Mexico staff, the system of civil legal services, and community and business leaders in order to build relationships and cultivate support for EAJ with individuals and entities.
    6. Other duties as required.


Apply in confidence by emailing a cover letter and resume specifying how you meet each of the position requirements to conradm51@gmail.com. Please put your name and EAJ Application in the subject line.

We are an equal opportunity employer.

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